The purpose of publishing Town & Country Post is to provide useful information about events and businesses that operate in the area. We like to think that each month the majority of magazines are placed in a convenient place to enable each household to pick it up and benefit from its contents.

The title is born out of the fact that this region is where town and country really meet. Broad green swathes of land meet with residential enclaves, whilst the march of time sees the major towns extend their boundaries into the countryside.

We have a monthly readership of over 58,800 and have copies comprehensively distributed by Royal Mail along with extensive pick up points throughout the region including:

  •     Tesco's Superstore - Aisher Way, Riverhead,
  •     Sevenoaks
  •     Sainsbury's - Pepper Hill and Sevenoaks
  •     Morrison's - Northfleet
  •     Waitrose
  •     Co-op - Longfield
  •     ASDA - Gravesend, Swanley and Greenhithe
  •     plus many more

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Town and Country Post - Kent
Town and Country Post